It’s important to deal with lawyers that truly understand manufacturing.  We understand the environment is challenging and competitive and that branding, distribution and costs are important.

We have the industry experience.

Malcolm Brown hasn’t always been a lawyer.  He has held senior management roles in both business and law.  He’s been an industrial chemist with a diversity of roles in global chemical, automotive, steel and manufacturing industries in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.

Malcolm is also an inventor having 3 patents with 2 being issued worldwide.

Now, as a lawyer for over 17 years, he uses his knowledge and technical expertise to provide expert advice to a variety of industries.

We are well placed to provide advice to industries, including:

  • Automotive dealers and components
  • Motor sports
  • Industrial paints, coatings and chemicals
  • Metal industries

Our legal expertise includes:

  • IP Protection and enforcement
  • Compliance
  • Patent disputes
  • Sale of business
  • Import and export Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Employment
  • Terms and conditions of Trade
  • Personal Property Security Registration
  • Privacy