Industry Experience

Our lawyers offer outstanding commercial and legal experience in a number of key industries. We know that choosing a lawyer that understands your business will not only make a big difference to the outcome of your matter but potentially reduce legal costs.

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Our People

Our personal and proactive approach ensures we stay in step with your thinking. Our lawyers and support staff are talented and responsive. You will find us friendly and straightforward to deal with. We will tell you what we think. It means delivering outcomes.

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A different type of lawyer

Of all the things you need when faced with a legal or commercial situation, the first and foremost is a clear and accurate presentation of the facts and your position.

That’s the first thing we deliver.

Engaging Kalus Kenny Intelex means you’ll have an expert assessment of not just the likely legal outcomes, but - and this is perhaps most important - the business outcomes as well. We will be direct and if need be, brutally honest. We are not a cheer squad and don’t pretend to be - but whether your situation is routine, positive or threatening, you will know.

And you’ll know what to do about it.